5 advantages of a good mentor


A mentor may bring a number of advantages to our personal or professional development. Here are five to remember, when considering one for yourself or organisation.


None of us are immune to being stuck, confused or held back at various stages in our work life. A good mentor brings fresh eyes to the situation, looks at it from different angles, explores new vantage points to open up possibilities and simplify choices.


Sometimes all we need is an understanding ear to listen to us. A good mentor has big ears all the better to hear us with, and validate our burning issues that we must air if we are to progress.


Our knowledge is collated from experience, learning, set-backs, successes and it comes in all shapes and sizes. A good mentor knows a huge amount about people, problems, processes, in given fields of expertise, and is prepared to impart it, personally and professionally.


Despite our impressive abilities to communicate via multiple channels and platforms, using empowering technologies, the sound of a voice reminds us we’re human. A good mentor creates opportunities to speak face to face, on the phone, via skype for sound guidance and feedback to be expressed clearly, and directly.


We are required to toughen up, win the day, produce results, and though these practices have merit in some circumstances, we neglect the part of us that needs encouraging. A good mentor has a light touch – not a bootcamp approach – to bring out the best qualities in individuals, groups, and organisations.

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© Amanda Yensa Manor 2015


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