One talent or many?

AYM personas

There’s an argument that if we specialise in a single field, or career, we have a better chance of digging in, making our logical way up the food chain – possibly to the top, if that’s where we want to be.

Like a ladder the steps to our progression are linear.

The other school of thought is that a portfolio approach to work gives us more opportunities especially when markets duck and dive.

Like a Swiss Army knife we pull out the required skills du jour, showing flexibility, range, resourcefulness.

One practice doesn’t necessarily discount the other. Both ladders and Swiss Army knives come in handy whether we’re a single field expert, or a portfolio professional. Though it depends on our individual motivation as to which we prefer or which we excel at.

A portfolio approach has suited me best in the 30 years of my career to date. Individually motivated by variety, new challenges over and over, change, creative processes, and working closely with all kinds of people, from diverse industries and sectors, I have a treasure chest full of pearls to share. There’s plenty to go round.

  © Amanda Yensa Manor 2015


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