Strong knows


Knowledge is defined as facts, information and skills acquired through experience and education. We all have a certain amount of it, if only through our experiences. What we do with it though is really what counts. Do we keep knowledge to ourselves, hoarding the wealth? Do we slather it liberally on every situation we come across, diluting its value? Do we use it sensibly ensuring it enriches others only when relevant?

Another description of knowledge is the theoretical or practical understanding of a subject. The word ‘understanding’ is key here. If we understand a subject – people, problems, processes – we are on our way to using our knowledge wisely.

Knowledge reinforces credibility in our given fields. Knowledge instils confidence. Knowing how people behave, how problems are solved, how processes work whatever the sector or industry, is an asset to those we work with.

A good mentor has [a] ‘strong knows’ that others can trust. Follow  your nose.

© Amanda Yensa Manor 2015


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