Coup de mer

A storm that wasn’t foreseen. Impetuous movement caused by waves. Heavy swell. Various definitions of the phrase ‘coup de mer’ as seen at Socoa, in the Basque Country, Friday evening. The sea appeared calm, though perhaps we should be thankful for the warning. Tempestuous waters have a way of knocking us off our feet when we least expect it – warning or no warning.

Once we’re down, however, the warning becomes redundant. Our immediate concern is to reach dry land. Safety. Does the warning so clearly signposted have any actual influence on keeping us safe when the unforeseen storm strikes? For if unforeseen, how can we be warned of it? Best focus on building our skills to stay upright or reach dry land in the case of being overturned by the unforeseen. Surely that’s warning enough.

© Amanda Yensa Manor 2015


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