The delicate identity

Are we the sum of

Our experiences? 

Are we made of

the decisions we

Have taken?

The relationships

We have forged?

The accomplishments

We have shown?

Or are we

The colour of

Our emotions?

The jigsaw of

Our knowledge?

The honesty of

Our feelings?

The hope for

Our possibilities

Yet unrealised?

The identity

We present

To the outside

Does it match

The one within?

The balance is


How much

Weight do we

Give to our inside

And outside identities?

Which one wins?

Is one

More fulfilling?

Or are both

Of equal value?

If we learn to

Live with our

Yin and Yang

Our magnet’s

North and South pole

Our tangible and


Our achievements

And possibilities

The delicate identity


Moving us forward.

© Amanda Yensa Manor 2015


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