Look up

Nature’s urban ceiling defies routine. Look up. The spaciousness is mind-clearing. Elementary colour. Textured condensation. Slowness in motion. Out of reach. Yet omnipresent. A visual, atmospheric ocean of inescapable daily metamorphosis.

This epic natural occurrence can teach us a few things. 1. Every day the sky is different and that is a constant 2. Whatever is happening on the ground, the sky above us is the same for everyone 3. Similarly to water vapour and aerosols bumping into each other (forming clouds when the air is cooled), we too collide as people, forming textured groups, teams and communities, moving at variable speeds, ceaselessly metamorphosing as conditions evolve 4. When things down here get too complex, too stressful, too overwhelming, look up and take in the sky – admire it, appreciate it, and let it clear your jumble in that moment.

© Amanda Yensa Manor 2015



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