The art of art

The art of art is more than an inspiration, a technique, a medium, a thing of beauty. For the working artist it’s also a display of ‘product for sale’. A first time meander through a buzzing Open Studios at Wimbledon Art Studios at the weekend revealed a fascinating spectrum of artistes, their work and selling skills. Some artists were content to let their work speak quietly for itself, others urged us into their lair to appraise their goods.

There were those who gave enticing narratives about their process, and those who invited visitors to picture the work hanging in their homes. Clever. Sometimes the conversations with the artists were more riveting that their art. Sometimes the art was more emotive than the character behind it. Begs the question – do we want  a relationship with the artist or their work? Or do we need both to complete the experience, if we are to invest?

I was introduced by a friend to Bill Bate, whose work focuses on the human form.

By the use of dramatic light his atmospheric works are emotional responses to the body in movement, at rest, and the body observed

Bill is not the selling type. His work does it for him. His paintings have an ethereal, spiritual feel to them. The work with earthier, sunnier hues has an air of Sistine Chapel about it. The scenes underwater are almost mermaid-like. I want to be the women in the paintings, swimming in the dappled light. They look so peaceful, and free. Rather like the quiet energy of the artist behind them.

The art of art – in its simplest form – may be an unabridged, innate expression of the artist that attracts sales by displaying work in the right place at the right time to a captive audience – allowing the work to speak for itself, waiting patiently and confidently for a purchase to occur.

© Amanda Yensa Manor 2015×480/


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