Common cause

We plausibly do our best work when we surround ourselves with like-minded, like-hearted people. We may share a common cause (a project, an objective, a masterclass. a friend’s birthday) that brings us together. In the throes of social or professional alchemy we get to experience varying degrees of quality as our joined up conversations, tasks, and activities take place. If everyone brings their liveliest, brightest, kindest self to the party, the entire group benefits. If left to a small few or even one person to animate, the group is short-changed.

Positive energy is contagious. Especially when spread genuinely. All it takes is a small reserve to uncork for a fusion of happy attitudes to proliferate. In turn the focus is less on the common cause as an end in its own right, and more on the group’s own means to participate, learn, enjoy, share in the experience.

Common causes are ten a penny, each with its own merit. What makes the ones we choose to join significant is our ability to bring enough ‘individual good’ to pass round, for the collective to become stronger than each of us. Everyone must do their part though, for this to work.

You in?

© Amanda Yensa Manor 2015


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