Move forward never back

We are all a work in progress.

One step at a time in my experience. However long it takes, it’s always more fulfilling to move forward, never backwards.

Understanding the ‘creature’ we are at our deepest cerebral and emotional levels goes a long way to make each forward step more accessible.

We are often not the person we thought we were. Some of us may berate ourselves for not being ‘at the place’ we thought and hoped we’d be at this stage in our life. Getting to grips with our limitations – and battles with them – helps explain our slow progress. No wonder – we may say – we are where we are, and no where else. We’ve all had to swim against the tide, push water uphill, stand ground in gale force winds. Moving forward in these conditions can be labour intensive. There are times we stand still, under the brunt of storms trying to push us over. Standing still helps us stay steady. Steady is good. It means we’re ready to take the next step forward when the tempests clear.

The comfort of what is behind us, can be alluring. We look back and see what we know, where we’ve come from. The steps we take in a forward direction lead us further and further away from what’s in our backs. Nothing disconcerting about comfort, familiarity, tried and tested. However if it stops us from improving our self, our life and the lives of others, then why hesitate to point our feet ahead?

Maybe that’s a start. Point our feet ahead – even if our eyes look back. One step at a time. Move forwards never back. We are a work in progress, with a long way to go most likely, before we’re pleased with the finished article. For the reflective types amongst us, I suggest we make a point of applauding how far we’ve come, in that forward direction, even if it’s only one step or two.

© Amanda Yensa Manor 2015




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