Sing to celebrate

UBS Choral Society, 10th Anniversary Concert, 25 June 2015

Making music with the sound of our own voices has the power to move us even on the dullest day. The natural vibrations produced by working specific parts of our vocal anatomy are quite miraculous, in my book. Engulfed in the harmonies of classical, folk and popular works, the audience swayed in tempo to an uplifting programme yesterday evening to celebrate the 10th anniversary of UBS Choral Society, and raise funds for inspiring charity Into University.

Led in turn by the four Musical Directors* that have guided the singers to an exquisite standard over the past 10 years, current and former members of the choir united to regale us. The concert was interspersed with impressive testimonies from children (aged 11 to 18) supported by Into University. We learned how “Into Uni” motivates underprivileged students to achieve academic success.

20150625_184700 - Version 2

Music, education, opportunity, aspiration all coming together to raise the roof with the sweet, sweet sound of the UBS Choral Society’s singing. It was a privilege to be there.

*Musical Directors

Benjamin Clark, since September 2013

Rachel Joy Staunton, September 2011 – July 2013

Esther Jones, January 2010 – June 2011

Peter Asprey, June 2005 – December 2009


Dan Moriyama

 © Amanda Yensa Manor 2015



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