Deal with it

Most of us have a favourite building, vista, place or problem. These may change. Depending on where we are, what we see, and how we feel on the day. Some problems though like some buildings in London keep appearing, from unexpected viewpoints.

In this case, the Gherkin. On three separate occasions within four days, I found myself for the first time in places I’d never been. And yet, there she was, jutting out, peeking out, standing out whilst buses, planes, and rooftop gardens added character to the composition.

I wondered if this was a lesson in looking at a problem from a different angle. Possibly. It then occurred to me it was more symbolic of trying to escape a problem, when you simply cannot, since it’s following you around, wherever you go. A bit like the Gherkin did me this week.

It is common to put off dealing with problems, especially the bigger, more visible ones. The ones that jut out, peek out and stand out, above the others. The ones that catch our eye, and stare us in the face, immovable. We are hard pushed to stop problems following us around – if my Gherkin experience is anything to go by – however we do have the power to acknowledge they exist, and start addressing them. Even in small increments.

I know what my problem Gherkin is. It’s very freeing to acknowledge it. And even more so to deal with it.

  © Amanda Yensa Manor 2015


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