Light touch

People develop their skills and confidence at different paces. Some people are slower to process the effort and discipline required to change. Others get it in a blink, and put it into practice immediately. A good mentor takes the measure of each individual or group, and refrains from imposing a one-size approach.

Changing even for the better can be disruptive. Realising the way things are is no longer good enough, for the job, the team, the individual, can be destabilising. Even as accomplished adults we are never done learning. It can be a humbling experience to re-evaluate our skill set, and see the gaps that need filling. Once these are identified, a good mentor brings the appropriate tools and techniques to the table.

A good mentor demonstrates how to master them with a light touch, not a bootcamp mentality. Through encouragement, persuasion and affirmation people are more aptly equipped to implement the tools and techniques in their work life. Versus in a harsh, intensive regime where change is clobbered in to people.

A light touch in mentoring is subtle. It requires intuitive intelligence on the part of the mentor to push effortlessly through any resistance encountered with the individual or group. People resist change, even if they want it, it’s human. They resist it even more if pushed too hard. Water pushed uphill never reaches the top.

A good mentor tackles sensitive issues around self improvement with a light touch. Can you handle it?

© Amanda Yensa Manor 2015


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