Which are the more exciting? Departures or arrivals? The anticipation of leaving, of travelling even a short distance holds an undeniable thrill for some of us. Setting out on an adventure however tame awakens the explorer in us. Knowing we are leaving the familiar behind to make fresh tracks ahead is enlivening. Departures are forward looking. They countdown time while we wait for the vehicle to be ready to carry us to our destination. A sort of no-man’s land in between worlds where our only concern is to check the departures board regularly. Departures are the beginning with everything yet to come. Arrivals ground us. We are landed. Arrived. The road starts running out as we embark on enjoying our destination. We’re in the thick of it. Till our next departure for either the return or onto some place else. Departures mobilise us. They are freeing. Arrivals embrace us. They are reassuring. We need them both for each to have purpose though my penchant is for the freeing feeling of departures.

copyright Amanda Yensa Manor 2015



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