Le Salon in St Jean de Luz, France

Review: A home away from home

Le Salon is an unexpected bright, spacious and welcoming venue in an otherwise faceless part of St Jean de Luz. The minute I stepped into its expansive yet cosy atmosphere, I was struck by the warmth of the wooden decor and tasteful lived-in seating areas (really like someone’s living room which is where the name Le Salon comes from). Adding to its character there’s a superb antique collection of surf boards hanging casually from the ceiling, or leaning against the walls, some having earned retirement.
A wonderful, interesting place to drink a coffee, taste a Basque beer, sip a cocktail, feast on a club sandwich or plate of Serrano ham – with friends, family or solo. For the avid surfing customer, there’s also a small shop with everything from boards to wetsuits. If it’s body art you’re after, a tattoo artist is set up inside in a private room. The wooden decked terrace outside is strewn with high end bean bags – making sitting a fun, sociable art form.
Le Salon is the kind of place you want to make your home away from home. I’ll most definitely return on my next trip to the Pays Basque.
Le Salon
102 avenue de Jalday
64500 Saint Jean de Luz
+33 (0)5 59 26 29 01
© Amanda Yensa Manor 2015

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