Nowhere else to go

The outcries about our unwillingness to take in more survivors of cruelty fleeing their home nations are bellowing. Collective voices are howling at the appalling tragedies befallen our fellow humans whose plight we dare barely believe. People whose lives are so hopeless, so violated, so inhumane that they’d rather risk death trying to escape than stay and risk it at home. Like jumping out of a burning building with no guarantee of a mattress below to break their fall, they throw themselves at hope.

Surviving atrocities, or losing their lives trying, has become the standard we can no longer ignore. We are all responsible for what happens to the men, women and children whose existence is so abhorrent they have nowhere else to go, but to our more forgiving nations. If they make it. The others that wash up drowned are mourned agonisingly, publicly. Surely there’s enough humanity, power, money, pragmatism and commitment amongst us to stop the unstoppable!

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© Amanda Yensa Manor 2015


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