Make better work life decisions!

Happier Humans 

Work life needs workshop  Sat 26 Sep, 11.30am – 1.30pm, £25

In a creative, supportive, participative setting at The Well Garden, your chance to explore tangible remedies for a more fulfilled work life with mentor,  Amanda Yensa Manor.


Who it’s for

People concerned with making better work life decisions in their career choices, skills training, personal and professional priorities, working partnerships, finding the ideal job

How it works

This workshop addresses these questions:  What is work? What is fulfilment? How does our work life fit with our needs for fulfilment? Working in one circle, small pods and individually a number of visual and verbal exercises guide us through an understanding of your individual work life needs, how to prioritise them, and translate them to every day work life

Book at

 The Well Garden

The Village Green, Hackney Downs Studios,17 Amhurst Terrace, London E8 2BT

0203 095 9735

Nearest overground stations: Rectory Road, Hackney Downs, Dalston Kingsland


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Amanda Yensa Manor

Amanda Yensa Manor has 30 years’ plus experience as a leader, strategist, marketer, brand expert, teacher, writer, facilitator and mentor in France, USA, Europe and UK. Global and home-grown organisations she’s worked with include Barbican Centre, Breathe Yoga, London Symphony Orchestra, Purcell architects, RCKa Architects, UBS, Tate Modern, The Life Centre, The Partners and Walt Disney Company.

She is NLP certified, a dedicated yoga practitioner, published author and volunteer for Helen Bamber Foundation, co-running an Arts and Crafts Class for survivors of cruelty.


“Feeling of being understood and supported – exploring ideas together and getting articulate feedback”

Anna W, business analyst + massage therapist / Human brand workshop and Work life workshop

“Lots of practice with immediate feedback worked well. We found it insightful and empowering”

RCKa Architects, Directors / Give stellar presentations workshop

“Really enjoyable. Amanda set the ground rules to start with:  there are no distractions. Most useful skills learned were organisation, ability to detach yourself from a particular problem –  take a step back, analyse what’s going on, and plot the path how you’re going to get to the solution.”

Oliver Gadney, Director Sponsorship EMEA, UBS / 6 month individual mentoring programme

“Amanda is very creative, and she brings energy and zest to the projects we’ve worked on together. She is very enthusiastic about what the LSO is trying to achieve which helps. She is a very experienced workshop leader and brings her workshops in on time, and with each person feeling that they have contributed their precious thoughts and ideas to the process”

Karen Cardy, Marketing Director + LSO St Luke’s Centre Director, London Symphony Orchestra


© Amanda Yensa Manor 2015


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