Inspire your people

8.6 million people populate Greater London, the highest number since 1934 according to the Greater London Authority, in February 2015. Passenger numbers on London’s Underground set a historic record in November 2014, at 4.725 million in one day (outstripping even the London Olympic record in 2012), and London buses now deal with 6.25 million passenger journeys every day, the highest demand since the late 1950’s according to Transport for London*.

As for how much square footage we Londoners share – it’s 5 491 people per square kilometre.

London’s sizeable size makes it all the more important to avoid getting lost in the masses, in the hum-drum of to-ing and fro-ing between work and home, head down. Even within the safety of glassy office blocks, and purposeful business goings on, we may find ourselves uninspired by the day to day, the week to week, the month to month. Do we have a clear view of our work life’s landscape? And feel inspired by it? Do we adapt confidently to changing tides – and understand why we must? Do we take our lead from those at the top, and feel supported, enlightened and motivated by their decisions? Even when they impact our very own ability to do our job well?

It is our collective responsibility to inspire the people we work with, the people we employ. Even when inspiration is lacking, we must find even a small thing that can uplift and enthuse those around us. Make it your business to inspire others. Find inspiration in the simplest, even most mundane tasks you have to undertake and in those you ask others to take on. Go on, inspire your people.


© Amanda Yensa Manor 2015


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