Work life needs met

Happier humans – work life needs workshop

Sat 26 Sep at The Well Garden

“You made us feel very comfortable, very quickly – opened us up!”

“Good ice breaker / Lovely warm up (blocks) exercise”

“Challenging, thought-provoking exercises”

“Great structure with tangible action points”

“Good music, great space, comfy cushions”

Participants were asked what motivates them most at work, and what fulfilment means to them. A series of depth exercises followed on what each of their individual work life needs are, which ones are unmet, what is stopping them from being met, and what they’d do differently to try meet them. This formed the basis for a plan they could go on to action outside the workshop.

To hear about other work life fulfilment workshops on demand, get in touch


 © Amanda Yensa Manor 2015


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