Change your outlook

We point our lens at a situation, a challenge, an opportunity and naturally see it from our perspective. This may be a healthy, stimulating view. It may also be tainted by bias, familiarity, or clouded by the same old, same old experience. If bias colours the picture before us, we fail to see what others see – our narrowness of mind gets in the way. If familiarity brushes the image, we’re bound to gloss over a detail that might otherwise be captivating. As for the same old, same old take on the world, no-one is bouncing up and down with enthusiasm at those pictures.

If we get someone else to see what we’re pointing our lens at, they are highly likely to notice something different. Difference is good, as it widens our scope for fresh thinking and better ideas. It gives us depth and contrast to our original single-minded point of view. It widens the angle, so to speak. Allows us to change our outlook, without giving up on the intended composition.


 © Amanda Yensa Manor 2015


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