Be a creative facilitator masterclass

“Safe environment, felt we were able to test ourselves without (too much) fear”

Be a creative facilitator masterclass with Purcell architects

7 October 2015

“Realistic and useful exercises we can implement”

In a small group of six, we explored the techniques, competencies and personal energy needed to be a successful creative facilitator. Following a warm up exercise to get ideas flowing, we examined the multi-faceted roles a facilitator must juggle.

Then diving head first with a ‘word capture’ (ideas generation) exercise each participant had to improvise with no preparation. The aim was to gain group consensus on a simple theme. We collectively critiqued everyone’s effort giving constructive and respectful feedback.

“Challenging but enjoyable (not scared)”

Image for wordpress 2.001

Moving on to understand the facilitator’s journey in detail pre-during-post workshop, we then put the theory to test with depth exercises, that included some prep time. How to design a workshop or participative session. How to set the scene at the start of a workshop. How to seal authority, stay impartial, manage rebels and still gain group consensus. Each participant worked on a real life scenario from their respective areas of responsibility.


“Acquired transferable skills – practical”


“Good group dynamic”

There was indeed a good group dynamic, so much so that laughter rang out frequently. Loudly enough for colleagues working at their desks outside the meeting room to comment. During a break, Head of HR was quick to encourage that the laughter continue. Good for the soul, as well as for the learning experience.

Get in touch if you wish to learn how to be a creative facilitator in a one day masterclass.


 © Amanda Yensa Manor 2015



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