Develop a personal brand

“Very interesting workshop – Dynamic, perfect mastery, fit to the audience”

Guest workshops at The London School of English, Holland Park Gardens

14 October 2015

“Great workshop with a lot of useful information, exciting and entertaining”

“Useful, interesting. I do like the speaker, she is inspirational”

Eager students on the Young Business English course from Europe (Sweden, Italy, Germany), Asia (China, Korea, Thailand) and South America (Brazil) were vocal on their favourite brands and why, to set the scene for the workshop on developing a personal brand. Articulating their reasons, we discovered different brands appealed to different students – though always because of a strong personal emotional bond. Comfort, quality, design, safety, deliciousness, purity, excitement, loyal to home, innovation, intuition, were cited as attractive characteristics of their chosen brands.

Looking at global brands as a business asset, and how the same brand principles apply to a personal brand, we explored how to create a personal brand and why it is of value.

“Very useful. That workshop will definitely be helpful for a job interview”

The next group’s participants – more senior – on the International Business Communication course, from Italy, France and Switzerland, were inquisitive and keen to discuss the themes, issues and ideas in depth.

“Amanda is an interesting person and the workshop was useful. I appreciate the interaction between Amanda and the participants”

The values that attracted this group to certain brands included ‘a feeling of home’; ‘being part of a community’; ‘loyalty’. We worked on how these qualities may be integrated into their personal brand. Personality is one key component of brand attractiveness. We brainstormed how each participant’s own personality traits shape their personal brand – looking at their genuine strengths, like-ability and how personality helps get on with others – forge a career even.

“Personal brand – good way to speed up a career. I was not aware I can be ‘a brand'”

It’s always a pleasure running workshops with motivated participants actively interested in learning. Especially in a welcoming, stylish environment of high calibre training such as the London School of English. See you all again soon.

“Very interactive, lively, energetic. well-understandable, interesting topic brilliantly presented. Thank you for this wonderful workshop!”


 © Amanda Yensa Manor 2015


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