The world’s a hoop

An afternoon observing acrobatic flexibility and graceful moves using a hoop in a taster class at Aircraft Circus, near the Thames Barrier.

Students were beginners, though two had dancing backgrounds. It showed at they learnt the positions quickly, and with fearless technique, stretched, curved and hung their sculptural bodies above ground.

The teacher demonstrated, then assisted as the students tried out each new move. Mermaid, gazelle, man on the moon, cradle, secretary, pike, number four, splits away to name a few. Mesmerising for the spectator. Physically challenging for the student. Painful even. Though their minds were absolutely focused on the task, the move, the grip, the balance. More important to achieve the shape, safely, than let the strain on their muscles, flesh and tendons prevent the elegant result.

Their world for an afternoon was a hoop.


 © Amanda Yensa Manor 2015


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