New Year, True You Workshop at KIND YOGA, N1

 Sally-Anne Yoga & Yensa Mentors present

A 2.5 hour Yoga & Life Mentoring Workshop, designed to inspire and guide you in 2016

£35, book here to change your perspective
New Year, True You Workshop, Sunday 10th January, 2.30 – 5pm
KIND YOGA, Unit 5. 100 De Beauvoir Road. London N1 4EN GB
Ever intend to start the New Year differently, and not quite know how? Here’s your chance to take a fresh perspective with Quantum Yoga Teacher, Sally-Anne Reynolds and Professional Mentor, Amanda Yensa Manor, who’ve come together for this original workshop experience.
Let Sally-Anne help you reconnect to what’s true using the wisdoms of Yoga and Ayurveda, as she guides you through a grounding and strengthening Quantum Yoga practice. Whilst Amanda brings focus to what you need to change for a more genuine, fulfilled life, using a series of simple visual and verbal techniques.
Change your perspective, and discover life’s balance as you reconnect to the true you in this transformative workshop!
Price of workshop includes a signed copy of Carefree, by Yensa Manor – Amanda’s first published book.
Reveal your confidence2_Red.001
Who is it for?
Yoga loving people looking for inspiration and guidance in 2016 to reconnect with what’s true to them, and find new ways of expressing it in the main aspects of their life.

What to expect?
  • Deep listening to your body and mind, to open up possibilities for a truer you
  • A joyful approach combining a generous yoga practice and life mentoring tools
  • Creative ways to best match the true you to your life situation (work, family, soul, personal growth)
  • Laughter, light hearts, like-minded new friends and yummy cakes

How it works?

  • Introduction / Includes a verbal warm up exercise
  • Life mentoring tools part 1

The chance to take a snapshot of your current ‘life context’ using simple visual techniques

A quick look at the parts of your life that feel ‘untrue’ to you

  • Quantum Yoga practice

A gentle yet grounding, strengthening journey to reveal the true you

Mindful and dynamic postures flowing to upbeat music

Relaxation including a soothing head massage for each of you

  • Life mentoring tools part 2

Using the energy and feelings released and gathered during yoga

Focus on what needs to change in your life

Map out simple actions to take using simple visual techniques

  • Wrap up

Group wind down, and cakes



© Amanda Yensa Manor 2015


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