Hello 2016

We like to mark milestones, to celebrate our achievements, and to stake out our futures. As we herald the onset of a new year, we’re compelled to look back and remember the top things we did, tried, loved, wanted in 2015. It’s a way of making sure we exist. That we had a year filled with life, of events, of growth. That’s the point is it not, to collect experiences to prove all is well, that we are alive?

While we’re out and about collecting experiences, sharing them via hashtags (am a consummate user myself), perhaps we should take pause, and recall that it’s also good to be present in the moment. That the breath we draw right here right now wherever that is, is something to be thankful for… that for all our ambition and desire to look beyond where we stand, that it is also enough to hold steady. In this moment.

Whatever moment you find yourself in, here’s to a healthy, happy and fulfilling 2016.



 © Amanda Yensa Manor 2015


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