Work and life mentoring 2016

“Honest conversation – safe environment – positive support and planning – I feel so much better about going back to work”

S.Clark, Life mentoring workshop, 3 Jan 2016

Set 2016 in motion  with individual mentoring sessions or an intensive workshop

Whether stuck, indecisive, overwhelmed or just uncertain about the work you do, the life you lead, or the relationships you have, you stand to gain from some individual work and life mentoring.

“Really helpful – great for keeping me focussed and the momentum up”

A. Williams, Work life mentoring monthly hourly sessions, 2015/16

The intensive workshop

4 hours to really delve into the mentee’s professional and personal needs, and draw out aims that truly motivate. Establishing the mentee’s strengths, flaws, opportunities and gaps in their work and life scape, we focus on how to let the strengths and opportunities dominate choices. Rather than get caught up in the negative aspects of their flaws holding them back from moving forward with a positive attitude. Exploring dreams in a visual way (mood poster), the mentee depicts areas of their life they are passionate about, and motivated by. A reminder of their drive, and instinctual raison d’être. Finally, we look at realistic aims and actions to complete over the next 12 months, sketched out in a plan.

The individual hourly sessions

An hour, once or twice a month, to work through agreed objectives, and themes, a minimum of four sessions is recommended. Often the ideal follow on from the intensive workshop, individual sessions offer the chance to check in on how the plan is progressing, and to deal with emerging challenges and concerns. Otherwise the same approach as the intensive workshop can be bite-sized into hourly sessions.

For a no strings conversation about how work and life mentoring can help you, 

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