Human brand meets career plan

Needs exercise: “Amazing to capture the essence of what I need – valuable for deciding on what job to take and how to remain true to me”


Friday 15 January, 2016

In a half day workshop, with a client on the cusp of career change, we started by clearing residual stress away by listening to a sonic visualisation I authored and recorded ten years ago. It still carries a mindful effect to create the spaciousness of mind needed to work on the client’s human brand values, work/career needs, life dreams and 12 month action plan.


A series of visual and verbal exercises using NLP-based techniques brought us to revealing three core brand values for the client. Having established these with supporting narratives, the rest of the work could flow seamlessly. An illuminating ‘needs’ exercise threw up numerous priority needs (not wants) the client’s next job must meet. Detailing these in writing, we narrowed down the ‘deal breakers’. This effectively set the brief for the recruitment consultant/headhunter.

Taking a break for lunch – healthy and wholesome – we then resumed our next exercise which was about exploring ‘dreams’ (at work, in relationships, and what meaning/purpose our work and life has) – in a mood poster.

“Image association (values, dreams) … our subconscious always tells the truth”

With values defined, needs prioritised, and dreams clearly visualised, we tackled the nuts and bolts part of the workshop. A 12 month aims and action plan. Starting with the year’s ‘Big aim’. Then per quarter we looked at a motivating aim, with realistic actions to achieve each aim. The realisation of how much there was to do made the exercise all the more poignant. We set ourselves too often motivating aims and fail to allow enough resource, time, energy, to action these. Which is why prioritising everything is key. Otherwise where do we start? How do we ever finish?

Action plan: “Provides guidance and clarity for next steps, making the process feel less daunting”


If you’re on the cusp of a career change, or simply stuck workwise, get in touch to book your human brand and work mentoring intensive workshop

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