Carefree – author’s insight

Questions we ask ourselves about why we do what we do, and why we feel what we feel are nothing new. Why write a book? Why did I write mine? Because I had to. It was barely even a choice. These words, this narrative, this story simply had to come out.

“The raw, brutal honesty with which Yensa Manor describes her own, very personal journey gives the reader a rare insight into a life laid open. I have not read anything before which deals with themes of anger, fear, trauma, grief in such a head on fashion and while at times uncomfortable for the reader, they never overwhelm the story because at its heart, this is a journey based on hope and the determination to grow, renew and overcome”

Kate S. Reader review

I knew I wanted it to be beautifully written. Not some pop psychology to be devoured by the masses. The big life themes covered were intense and emotionally charged. Finding a way to write of death, birth, sex, mating, family, spirituality, love, money, without tripping into a sensationalised or sentimental style was vital.

There was also the challenge of divulging a significant amount of personal history and experience. How far do we go to reveal our inner most fears, vulnerabilities and feelings? How graphic are we in describing our experiences that may make people uncomfortable?

“I liked it, although found some of the writer’s experiences a bit tough to read about.”

Jennifer. Reader review.

“Much of what Yensa Manor writes about has some shocking personal detail to it. Hardships and actions that can only come from hefty blows that could only “screw you up”. The eternal optimism and brutal honesty is something very few are capable of and even fewer would have the stamina to maintain throughout the challenges of this life story”.

TG XIX. Reader review.

We hold back. We hold important feelings in. In part because of our conditioning (everyone else does so must we), in part because we fear the response or judgement of others. What though of the silent screams inside that if choked any longer may finish us forever?

Artists, writers, musicians, sculptors, poets are licensed to kill the silence and express their creative entrails in open court.

They have no choice. Their very existence has no meaning if they are stunted or silenced by the vultures of ordinary, comfortable living.

We can only grow, develop, become better, more honest humans if we step outside the comfort of our blankness.

My comfort is the intense discomfort the words and narratives found in Carefree prompt for some. At one at last with what goes on inside and what is expressed outside. This manifests in a literary form as it’s the only meaningful way I know how to speak my clarity.

“What struck me the whole way through was the clarity.  The author writes beautifully and in such an engaging way.  The subject matter is obviously personal and often dramatic but never is it patronising or self-pitying but rather considered and articulate”.
R.Mac. Reader review
Life on Earth is completely auto-biographical. Life on Andromeda is a fictional account of a parallel Universe where societal, educational, social, family, community behaviours and systems are observed and challenged on a journey to enlightenment. In an unexpected twist at the end readers understand the link between the two parts of the book.
I had no idea at all what to expect in Part 2 and in fact, although it obviously relates to all the author’s thoughts in Part 1, it was a refreshing gear shift literally into another world but I would love to have read on…I was hooked on the characters and the Andromedan philosophy.  I would loved to have followed her further on her quest for enlightenment and learned more about her journey.”
R.Mac. Reader review.

Our journey as writers is an open book.  Unended. One book published is just the beginning.

 Carefree is available in hardback for £9.99 directly from me


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 © Amanda Yensa Manor 2016


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