Silver at DBA Design Effectiveness Awards 2016

The big question of whether design plays a significant enough role in the financial success of a brand, or company is forever up for debate.

It is therefore poetic justice to be handed an industry award specifically acknowledging the part design and brand strategy had to play in the financial uplift for Purcell architects.

The then 65 year old architectural practice was losing market share when Kimpton Creative and I (as naming and brand strategist) partnered up to win the re-brand in 2010. As with many of the architectural landmarks, national treasures and new spaces Purcell have worked on over the years, the re-brand was a labour of love. No flash in the pan one size fits all approach here.

A top conservation architect thoughtfully shows how the historic context of a site or building, and its heritage value informs decisions on what must remain, and what can change. As Purcell’s brand people, David Kimpton and I turned over every stone to ensure the re-brand was both strategically sound, market savvy, and visually salient. And most importantly, a brand Purcell could love as their own. Not as one management said they should love. This took a while. Change always does.

Perhaps this is one of the winning factors of this particular re-brand ‘driving financial success’, and how we could evidence so easily the results the re-brand and its design brought about? People get behind their brand if they recognise their own value in it. People get behind the design of their brand, if they can connect the thinking with the visual expression. When ‘i’s are dotted, and ‘t’s crossed, and there’s no room for any doubt, people get behind their brand.

David and I have worked tirelessly on making sure Purcell’s brand and design is theirs to own, love and profit from, as their business continues to evolve. We clearly have succeeded if winning Silver for ‘Design driving financial success’ at the DBA Design Effectiveness Awards 2016 is a yardstick.

I wish to say too that working collaboratively with David Kimpton and his team at Kimpton Creative for five years with this client, has been an enriching experience on so many levels. We have learned how to stretch our own thinking, doing and creating. We have encouraged each other to find innovative ways round persistent challenges. We have built up some serious layers of trust. And that is mint.

Thank you David, Neil and Richard at Kimpton Creative. Thank you Vanessa Martins and team, at Purcell, for the paths trodden together, the milestone moments, the ups, the downs, the eurekas. Thank you for all of it.

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 © Amanda Yensa Manor 2016


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