The missed brand opportunity

If I were to write my memoirs about my experiences working with brands, there would be stories to raise eyebrows, and incite smiles. I’m saving that project for a rainy day. Meanwhile, here are some insights on challenging brand scenarios I’ve dealt with.


When I was working with The Diamond Trading Company (part of De Beers Group), several years ago, we ran a number of ‘Guide to Branding Training Workshops’ with DTC’s ‘sightholders’ (authorised bulk purchasers of rough diamonds), in Mumbai, Tel Aviv, Antwerp, Hong Kong, and Toronto.

At the time, it was estimated that only 8% of the world’s diamonds were branded.

The rest were simply sold generically as ‘engagement rings’, or ‘diamond bracelets’ and the like. The opportunity to create value in the branding of diamond jewellery was therefore limitless. Not one to be missed. The sightholders invited to the workshops were a mix of diamond cutters, polishers, retailers, designers and jewellers, with untapped knowledge of how a brand might benefit their business, and customers.

Our job in these workshops was to move everyone quickly to the same understanding of how branding might improve their market share, their customer relationships and reputation.

All in all we had 160 registrants, 80% attendance, from 68 sightholder companies. We brought relatable case studies to demonstrate the power of branding. We interacted together through depth creative exercises tailored to their particular market need. The discussions were animated and reflective. The outcomes were tangible.

“Motivating and challenging exercises, allowed me to put my thinking cap on”

“A very logical way of going ahead with the brand”

The workshops were repeated the following year to review the sightholders’ progress and build on their successes and challenges in creating their brands. The missed opportunity had turned into an unstoppable appetite to apply the principles and power of branding to their retail outlets, their jewellery design, and marketing. A diamond is forever. Some brands are too.

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