Stress, No Taboo Masterclass

AUKETT SWANKE / 2 March 2016

As part of a wellness month at the London studio of international architects Aukett Swanke, I was invited to give a masterclass on Stress, No Taboo.

 Some architects were too stressed out to attend (!), about 25 others came to learn about the effects of good stress vs bad stress, and how to master an overload of bad stress.

Good stress vs bad stress.001

In the hour we looked at a number of issues and tools.

1. The scary statistics of how stress in the workplace impacts on people and the economy

2. The discovery and definition of stress, and how the fight or flight response can keep us safe or cause a detrimental effect on our immune system    

What is stress?.001

3. The signs of stress overload – how to recognise symptoms and catch them before they worsen

4. Some simple breathing exercises to use as immediate stress relief

5. A few principles on healthy eating and finally some techniques on ‘self-care’, taking responsibility for one’s own wellbeing, to master stress

As with all my masterclasses and workshops the tone was light, and interactive. People joined in, shared experiences and asked plenty of questions. As a follow on, I am running a three lunchtime workshop course, ‘Zen Yourself’ at Aukett Swanke to explore in more depth how to find zen in your life and daily routine, whilst addressing the matter of stress.

Stress in the workplace is an enormous concern for everyone, It’s admirable to see an architectural practice like Aukett Swanke take measures to address it.

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 © Amanda Yensa Manor 2016


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