Light Heart, Light Paths Workshop – Sat 21 May

Light Heart, Light Paths Workshop / Saturday 21st May, 2.30 – 5pm / £38

KIND YOGA STUDIO, Unit 5, 100 De Beauvoir Road, London N1 4EN

Following the resounding success of the New Year, True You Workshop in January, yoga teacher Sally-Anne Reynolds and professional mentor, Amanda Yensa Manor have come together again to design a Light Heart, Light Paths Workshop. This is for yoga lovers interested in a life practice that includes knowing how to remove obstacles holding them back.
Our day to day lives are often hindered by obstacles of our own making. Sometimes we are faced with curved balls we never saw coming. The result is the same. We become stuck, confused, disheartened at the barrier in front of us. We probably wish it would just go away, disappear magically and leave our path ahead clear. Experience teaches that this rarely happens. If we want the path we’re on to be light, clear, removed of obstacles, we must acknowledge the situation and find ways to overcome it. Only then can we keep moving with a light heart.
The combination of life mentoring tools shared by Amanda and a strong, generous, mindful vinyasa flow yoga practice led by Sally-Anne, is created to challenge, reassure and enlighten.
“Dynamic was perfect. Love how the workshop was structured, since at the beginning I put my mind in set, then opened it and relaxed it through yoga, and at the end everything was more clear and simple when thinking about objectives and improvements for 2016”
New Year, True You Workshop feedback
We are thrilled to share another workshop with you in the enchanting setting at KIND YOGA STUDIO, De Beauvoir.

Workshop flow
For 30 minutes, Amanda guides you through a series of simple mentoring exercises that allow you to

Recognise the obstacle or barrier holding you back

Notice the effect it has on you

Start exploring ways to clear your doubts

For the next hour and a half, Sally-Anne leads you through an uplifting, heart-opening, vinyasa flow, designed to challenge and encourage you to connect to the breath and feel the flow, pushing through any mental obstacles you may have in relation to certain poses, inviting us to recognise that we can indeed break through barriers in our lives both on and off the mat. Expect a mindful, nurturing practice, with her signature upbeat sound track and that beautiful head massage to help you melt deeper into your savasana.

Find your edge

Believe in yourself

Be unlimited in your yoga practice

Melt into relaxation

NYTY workshop in action2.001
The final 30 minutes with Amanda, pick up on life mentoring exercises drawing on the effects of the yoga practice which allows you to

Feel confident about ways to remove obstacles

Apply tools off the mat, in your day to day life

Be unlimited in your every day life

Price of workshop £38 (incl booking fee).

Price also includes a signed hardback copy of Amanda’s book Carefree, by Yensa Manor – a life manifesto about survival and optimism.

carefree montage.001

See you there!

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 © Amanda Yensa Manor 2016


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