Wrestling tigers for no good reason

In my 30 year plus career I’ve had to wrestle many a tiger. Egos in the boardroom getting in the way of sound decision-making. Show offs trampling over a creative process. Plain rude people showing disrespect for an idea, or suggestions of change. And then there are the bullies.

The goal has always been to tame the tigers, so they see reason, feel appeased. So they set aside whatever animosity is driving them to make way for a healthy possibility of positive change. That typically is commissioned. Needed, for a business to thrive, a brand to survive or a project to launch.

We get so used to the wrestling, it becomes part of the creative machinery that ticks, whirrs and surges to a completed outcome. We even build it into the budget, the schedule, the expectations.

Why though? Accept the unacceptable nature of human beings intent on being disruptive for the sake of it? At what cost must we pander to their egos and allow their bullying tactics free reign? Because the project must go on, because there’s a deadline, because we must deliver.

I have been thanked for many things in my career. It feels good to be thanked. To feel appreciated. Yet when I was recently thanked for “taming everyone” in an exceptionally challenging workshop, where time was short, the deliverables critical, and disruptive behaviours rampant, it was not something that made me feel good. Unless I were a zoo-keeper or animal conservationist, I’d rather not be thanked for ‘taming’ anyone. I’d rather be thanked for my exceptional facilitation skills that lead to a superb creative outputs. Which is more typical of my work.

Perhaps nonetheless I should add Tiger Wrestler to my Linked-in profile and CV?


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 © Amanda Yensa Manor 2016


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