Be unlimited

We restrict our personal freedom willingly. Masters at putting up barriers, creating obstacles, giving reasons why we can’t do this, or that, we hinder our own progress daily. It takes energy and effort to keep the barriers up, and find ways to avoid stepping into a space where personal freedom is available. All that energy and effort if used differently might be channelled into a more constructive life approach.

One where we are unlimited. Unrestricted. An approach where the choices we make are unhampered by anxiety. Where the decisions we make are unclouded by nagging doubts. Where the options we consider are doused in ‘pros’, rather than ‘cons’.

In my recent Zen Yourself workshops with a large international architectural practice, we have been drawing on zen principles to deal with stress and pressure in the work place. One of our themes is to Be unlimited… how to overcome barriers, remove obstacles that restrict our potential, hinder our progress, stifle our personal freedom. Living stifled, stuck or hindered, takes away our chance at a more fulfilling existence. Which is good for no-one.

As with any form of constructive life practice (zen, yoga, meditation, positive self-talk, NLP) all we can provide is access to tools and techniques to help people find what works for them. The great news is there is an abundance of life affirming practices out there offered by a number of inspiring and adept teachers/mentors. I’ve met a fair few over the years, and they have opened my eyes to bringing more personal freedom into my day to day.

One such person is Sally-Anne Reynolds, my yoga teacher, friend and now co-creator of our Yoga and Life Mentoring Workshops. Though our paths only crossed a year ago, we have travelled a good distance already, learning from each other, inspiring each other, supporting each other.

It is with sheer pleasure that we invite yoga lovers wishing to clear doubts and believe in themselves to our LIGHT HEART, LIGHT PATHS WORKSHOP on Saturday 21 May, 2.30-5pm at KIND Yoga Studio, de Beauvoir Road, London N1.

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