Life mentoring workshop, 14 June 2016

“I liked how interactive and analytical the session was”

Individual Life Mentoring Workshop, 14 June 2016 / 4 hours

Too often I hear “I wish I’d done this sooner!”. The thing is, we only do important things when we’re ready. Like taking a candid look at how to improve our personal and work lives.

Firstly we have to recognise there’s a problem, or at the very least room for improvement.

We may wish we were somewhere else, or someone else or had a different life/career. Perhaps we feel frustrated that what we had planned has somehow not panned out. These frustrations can consume precious energy, time and headspace. It’s more helpful to acknowledge these discrepancies between our ambitions and reality, and move bravely towards finding out what is holding us back.

The individual life mentoring workshops I run, start off with the question, What is holding you back?

We recognise what it is (frequently more than one concern), and put it/them to one side. This frees up mental headspace to focus on creating a set of life tools the individual can take back to their day to day world, and use effectively. Be that world artistic, commercial, or therapeutic.

My latest client was keen to explore priority and time management techniques – to deal with “mammoth tasks ahead, not knowing how to tackle them”

life mentoring workshop agenda.001

Before we got to that part though, we worked through various verbal and visual exercises to ensure key foundations were set.

A human brand value activity explores unconscious responses to choices the individual makes. This reveals instinctual language patterns (positive and negative), we then discuss. Becoming aware of the negative, less confident language/communication patterns the individual uses allows her to correct them, and set new patterns that are more assertive and constructive.

“I liked the values – I felt like it re-affirmed the core of where my goal comes from.”

Focusing on Needs next was “tricky” my client explained, as it requires a thorough examination of priority needs (using Maslow’s hierarchy of needs pyramid). It’s impossible to have multiple priorities if we hope to get on top of things, and make headway in any area of our lives.

Too often we take on too much, over commit and end up feeling lost and overwhelmed.

Mood boards are timeless, as a tool to create an overall visual impression/idea of any subject. Even if that subject is you. The mood boards clients create in my individual mentoring workshops are used to ‘Explore dreams’ – in various aspects of their life (e.g. relationships, work, meaning). Through instinctual choices of imagery, that then have to be explained, we often uncover surprising and illuminating themes, that may be been lost, or simply not yet discovered.

“Loved the mood board. Creative and free and very enlightening”

The workshops conclude with a hands-on write up of a 12 month plan, with aims and actions per quarter, bringing the values, needs, dreams, priority management tools altogether in one realistic action plan. This plan becomes an unwavering point of reference, and keeps priorities clear. Of course as events unravel, priorities are likely to shift, but at least with the plan, decisions are easier to make.

Following this half day workshop, most clients like to book a series of at least four hourly sessions either once or twice a month, to report progress, make adjustments and keep on top of the plan.

Get in touch on if you wish to discuss or book an individual life mentoring workshop. Skype sessions also available.

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 © Amanda Yensa Manor 2016


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