Liberating mentoring

Serene spacious change.

Too many tabs open, too many demands, too much clutter in our brains – let alone our lives – can be overwhelming, stressful, and demotivating. 

This stops us from being, and expressing who we really are, in a life we really want.

It often takes that one drop that makes our vase overflow to realise we need some help, guidance, support to make meaningful changes in our work or personal lives.

People across professions, life stage and purpose simply need that extra guidance at some point, as my clients confirm.

“I also just want to let you know that I think the mentoring is a great thing – really makes me think –  and I am very happy I chose to work with you!”

A colourful career in the creative industries, combined with a yoga and zen inspired life practice has shaped the liberating mentoring programmes I design and deliver to people in architecture, arts and wellness.

Having mentored hundreds over the years – in my leadership, brand, marketing and communications roles, as well as in my capacity as a professional mentor – I see recurring themes that people wish to deal with.

mentoring themes diagramme.001

Many of us are consumed with the onslaught of day to day responsibilities, tasks, deliverables at work and in our personal lives. We get caught up in getting things done, ticking lists, filling our days, keeping busy, telling others about how busy we are.

When do we actually make space for ourselves? To take pause, to review, reflect, and revise the way we are leading our lives if they elude our intent for something more fulfilling?

Losing sight of our ‘true self’ is a classic conundrum in the world we have created where everyone is judged so openly. Thanks to the multitude of media we all partake in, fear of what others think of us, or how we should be perceived, has an even easier time of taking root. The fear itself is nothing new, it’s the prolific distribution of it that has us by the neck.

The mentoring work I do with individuals, and groups, starts with a re-acquaintance with their ‘true self’… often hidden beneath layers of expectations defined by society, family, work, and even our own idea of who we should be.

Nonetheless, there is no off-the-shelf remedy for people to re-discover their true self so this fits with their day-to-day priorities, or so they can communicate their needs and intentions more clearly. Nor is there a one-size fits all response to what a fulfilling big picture looks like for them.

What did you enjoy most about our mentoring session?

“The real listening, I felt heard. There were no pre conclusions – I felt the mentoring was tailored wholly on me and therefore when we came to looking at next paths they were unique to me. This was appreciated as it allowed for paths I had not considered before but were right for me”.

I like to ask my clients to describe their mentoring experience with me in three adjectives (or words). It helps me understand very succinctly and simply how they feel about their participation in my programmes. It also gives me a human measure of the effect the mentoring has. I am always heartened by their responses.


Life gallops by for everyone, and I for one advocate that we make every day count for something meaningful that resonates with our true self. Be that in our day-to-day priorities and communication, or in our intent for a more fulfilling big picture life.

Am here if you would like to find out more how we might work together, as your mentor.

twitter / @yensamentors

instagram / yensamentors

We are London-based.

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