Positive impact of small changes

I would like to share this wonderful feedback from one of my women mentoring clients. We have been working together for 10 months.

1. What three adjectives would you use to describe your mentoring experience with me?

Compassionate, energising, insightful

2. What three things did you value/enjoy most about 10 month mentoring programme we’ve just completed?

The sessions taught me to better understand the positive impact of small changes, making me realise how much I needed to work on my inner strength, both physicial strength and mindfulness (and how these are all interconnected) before tackling changes at work.

I really enjoyed the sessions: it’s been so good to have time to reflect with someone who lightens the load and helps bring clarity by turning ideas into achievable steps.

Having regular contact with someone who is genuinely with you every step of the way, applauding you for overcoming challenges.

3. What did you find the most challenging aspects of our mentoring during the programme?


It’s an emotional journey but Amanda has been enormously supportive through the tough moments: she is insightful, inquisitive, eternally wise with great experience to draw on and has a greater sense of humour. The time flew by and I still have targets to meet but she has equipped me with a clear plan so that I have a clear milestones in sight.

Whilst I am still unclear of the next big move, Amanda has helped me to better understand my own core values and create a framework for making changes to reach fulfilment in my work/life.

4. What aspects of the mentoring might be improved, from your perspective?

I can’t really fault anything about the sessions. Perhaps longer intervals between sessions so that there is more time to reach the goals so as to focus less on the minutiae of life’s distractions and keep focused on longterm goals.


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We are London-based.

© Amanda Yensa Manor 2018


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