Reduce or expand?

7zURrYhKcxCP2AjlGguxlBM2k5KFifqCfbeIYDUsje8Are we a blank canvas to paint on expansively?

Or a lump of stone to carve in masterfully?

A work from scratch, or a work emerging from a reductive process?

Which ever we are, the starting point is the same. We have certain raw materials at our fingertips to work with. A brush, a canvas, a palette, paint… A mallet, a chisel, a pencil, stone. Add the ideas, ambition, desire to create a masterpiece, perhaps, and we’re on our way to a fulfilling experience.

In the case of personal and professional development, the raw materials may be skills, experience, circumstances, life stage – all at our fingertips to work with. However before we become accomplished artists of our own work life, there’s a learning process. How to best use techniques, tools and understand what it take to realise the vision, the idea, the ambition, the fulfilment.

We see mentoring as akin to apprentice artists working with a master whose aim is to inspire, teach and pass on what they know. Till such time the apprentice becomes the master, ready to take on their own apprentices.