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The bulk of my career has been rooted in operations, marketing, communications, brands, advertising, and writing. Here are a few things I do exceptionally well. Or so I’m told.


  • Board members have no time to waste. A presentation with change on the agenda calls for language to be pithy, measured and prepared. The right tone, let alone content, is essential. Even after careful crafting, on the day, mutiny or hijacking of the narrative is bound to occur. Being rehearsed for this is a given.

“Amanda focuses on working towards the best outcome, rather than simply what a client wants to hear – an important skill when there are possibly other issues clouding judgment. Trusted advice, great listener, great mediator.”

Oliver Gadney, Director of Sponsorship, EMEA, UBS


“Very interesting workshop – dynamic – perfect mastery to fit the audience”

International Business Communication student,  The London School of English

  • Staff members at any level have daily pressures to manage. For a workshop to open up creative, collective ideas, staging an environment that immediately transports participants to a constructive, stress free mindset is how it begins. Pace, group alchemy, and thought stimulation must be guided with structure, energy and purpose. Focus on the topic is vital – though an element of free rein debate has its upsides.


“Thank you for a great Workshop yesterday, I was very impressed with your toolbox, and the way you moderated the workshop as well as your thorough preparations. (Having run workshops my self I appreciate the time and effort it takes to do those preparations).”

Partner, White Arkitekter


  • Sought-after respondents, or renowned artists answer questions because they have to. Whether a component for research or media piece, interviews conducted for much wanted views or stories must be intuitive and incisive. By phone or in person, the interview has a short window to set the respondent at ease, to encourage answers that spark and reveal something new, out of the ordinary, and of value. Banter, and focus need to work hand in hand for a pliable outcome.

Sir colin davis interview


  • Clients often want to include multiple ideas and words into the final thinking to accommodate stakeholders. A strategy for branding, communication, message architecture, leadership or change cries out for a special ability to a) pinpoint the absolute, winning idea of substance that is true, competitive and lasting b) craft the raw idea into a comprehensive narrative that resonates with client expectations, and industry potential c) distil the thinking into a nutshell on a single page. Achieved only with firm confidence in the strategy, and its faculty to be adopted, and implemented.


“What stands out about Amanda is her fresh and open approach to communications. She is a good listener and has often acted as a ‘bridge’ between the corporate and artistic worlds, helping both sides, so that  we can build imaginative communication of what we have achieved together”.

Karen Cardy, Marketing Director / LSO St Luke’s Centre Director, London Symphony Orchestra


  • Organisations have access to limitless platforms where writing is common currency. A well-written document, web site, brochure, tweet, blog, email, speech, presentation, advert, or newsletter is hard to come by in the age of instantaneous publishing and posting. Understanding who the writing is for, what message is conveyed, how this is crafted, and what response is expected are fundamental considerations for good writing. Getting into character as a scribe for clients takes practice and will power.

Purcell About_wordpressWriting_Aug16


  • Clients want answers validated by data. A piece of targeted, insightful research that responds to a particular need for investigation, is worth a mint, even if only discreet. Clear research objectives, a spread of realistic quant and qual methods, momentum, and a pithy mindset usually gets ample results in manageable interpretative sound bites.


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