Workplace mentoring


The people I mentor individually in the workplace are often business owners and entrepreneurs, or have pivotal roles in larger organisations. We usually start off with a six month programme, that is often extended if the need to continue our work together unfolds. All my clients are committed to making beneficial changes to their work lives, which also improve their personal lives.

Manage yourself and others

> 6 month programme / 12 – 18 contact hours

A big boost of confidence. Be self-aware; understand effects of behaviour and language on others; practise positive talk, manage time and priorities effectively; establish credibility and value added; get leadership, peer and staff buy-in of critical projects; develop own team and strategies

“You always deliver everything with a smile on your face, and manage to find the light even in the most negative situations”.

Market yourself / your organisation

> 6 month programme / 12 – 18 hours contact

Many ways to shine. Understand motivation of external and internal audiences, how to communicate with them for best effect; build own PR profile (in and outside organisation); be on top of your marcomms strategy (demonstrate its value, ensure buy-in from leadership, peers, staff); deconstruct and assemble marketing messages (identify right message, at right time, to right audience, through right medium)

“You are able to integrate your acute intuition, immense experience and expertise, with your drive and passion. Combining that with the fact you’re very challenging. Not afraid to tackle the issues head on, presenting them in a frank, but considerate manner. Then you take us through ways to manage those issues that are reflective of our own personality, and our own way. And the third one which is quite critical to everything else is how bright you are.”

Make space as a leader

> 6 -12 month programme / 12/18  – 24/37 contact hours

Motivation for the motivator. Make space to reflect on priorities, results, personal motivation, ambition for your organisation; focus on human skills (relationships, interpersonal communication) and professional skills (leadership approach, decision-making process); manage crises with care and successes with enthusiasm


The groups I mentor in the workplace have a range of development and training needs. From presentation skills workshops to stress less masterclasses, each programme is designed to resonate with each client’s particular character, and culture.

Make the most of networking workshop

> 3.5 hour three-part workshop for senior people

Understand your ideal networking targets. Who they are, what motivates them. Segment them. Create your elevator pitch. Know what makes you/your organisation remarkable. Communicate this in 60 seconds (or more). Participate in networking role play scenarios. Strategies to avoid, disengage, interrupt, make a beeline at networking events.

Stress less masterclass or workshop

> One hour  masterclass (any number of people) or 2.5 hours workshop (up to 15 people)

A simple life practice. Get the facts on effects of bad stress; identify your own stresses; how to overcome them (personally and professionally); get a handle on time/priority management (workshop only); practice breathing techniques; look at how healthy eating and positive self talk affects stress levels; use good stress to your advantage, while staying zen

Zen every day workshop series

> Series of three – one hour each (up to 16 people)

Be at one. Start with a relaxing sonic visualisation; understand simple zen principles; explore zen themes relevant to your work and personal life through role play; share the experience with colleagues; build a dry zen garden in teams; make origami folds: write haiku; take zen techniques back to your workplace, and home

Present with confidence workshop

> 1 hour taster (up to 12 people)

> 2.5 hours intensive experience for senior people (up to 3 people)

> 2.5 hours basic techniques for the less experienced (up to 12 people)

> Half day – depth experience for experienced or less experienced people (3-12 people)

Exude confidence with a remarkable story.  Explore and practise techniques of presenting/public speaking using real scenarios. Learn how to overcome nerves and bring out the best in oneself and each other. Get instantaneous constructive peer and mentor feedback.

Write for effect masterclass

> 3 hours (up to 10 people)

The power of a choice wordUnderstand what lies behind a word, a sentence, a headline, a tone of voice and how these impact target audiences; establish what makes ‘good’ writing vs ‘poor’ writing; use relevant examples of your industry/sector to compare, evaluate, deconstruct, re-assemble; practice sample writing for your own web sites, brochures, campaigns – get instantaneous constructive feedback

Be a creative facilitator masterclass 

> Full day (up to 8 people)

A step up to hold a crowd. Understand multi-faceted role of facilitator; establish success criteria for facilitator and group; examine aspects of content, pacing, group alchemy and body control; practise, practise, practise realistic scenarios – get instantaneous constructive feedback

Full details and costs for each programme on request.

Specific programme design is also available.

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