From my six formative years with The Walt Disney Company, starting as one of the Opening Crew for EuroDisney – as it was first known – I have been at home in business worlds across many an industry.


Understanding business imperatives, navigating matrix organisations, leading sound decision making in tune with grass roots’ and market needs, I step into board rooms and break rooms with equal ease.

“We feel The Partners, and you in particular understand our company, and how excessively demanding we are, which is why we’d like to appoint you for this important strategic marketing role”

Former Director, UBS

In the years I’ve dealt with businesses, my role is to focus interested parties on the key issues, so we can move ahead to realistic and deliverable recommendations for constructive change. Be that for brand, marketing, comms, advertising, sponsorship or professional development for individuals and teams.


“Amanda focuses on working towards the best outcome, rather than simply what a client wants to hear – an important skill when there are possibly other issues clouding judgment. Trusted advice, great listener, great mediator.”

Director of Sponsorship, EMEA, UBS

From 2008 to 2013, I was a sessional tutor at London South Bank University then Birkbeck University of London, for pre-graduate and pre-masters international students on business foundation courses with the Cambridge Education Group.


Since 2015, I am a regular guest speaker at The London School of English, Holland Park, for students on their International Business Communication and Business English 20-30 courses. Topics currently are Developing a personal brand, and Creative audience research.


“Very interactive, lively, energetic. well-understandable, interesting topic brilliantly presented. Thank you for this wonderful workshop!”

International Business Communication student, Personal branding workshop


I’ve held many roles, in many industries with global icons.

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