We all face stress, trauma and ongoing daily pressures to varying degrees. How we alleviate the effect of these, makes a marked difference on our emotional, mental and physiological well-being.

I first took an interest in how unkindly stress was affecting me about 17 years ago. It was then I realised something had to change.


In 2004, I discovered yoga, went on to study its origins, practise daily and even train as a teacher at one point. Yoga is the bedrock of my ability to alleviate stress in my work and personal life.

Subsequent training in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Reiki added to my skills for advocating wellness as part of a balanced life.

Inspired by my experience and training, I’ve worked with yoga brands, and small well-being businesses on their brand strategy, marketing and web site content.

Her ability to express things is fantastic. I am very happy with the result”

“I needed to update my website so that it more accurately described the way I worked and have evolved as a therapist (craniosacral and reflexology). I was at a loss how to express this”.

“I asked Amanda to help me. She was brilliant in both suggesting a more interesting layout and patiently working with me to help me express exactly what I needed to get across. She responded to what I wanted and changed things accordingly.”

Liz Garner, MCST MAR Craniosacral Therapist and Reflexologist, Hands Holistic

In addition, self-study of zen principles has shaped a series of Stress masterclasses and Zen workshops for professionals working in high stress environments.

Zen yoursellf workshop 2.001

“Calming, nice references to zen practices and history, link to professional environment really appreciated and connecting the practice with everyday.”

Aukett Swanke architect, Zen yourself workshop participant

In 2015 I teamed up with yoga teacher extraordinaire Sally-Anne Reynolds, founder of Yoga Light Vibes, and together we have co-created and run joint life mentoring and yoga workshops in Hackney and Islington.


Wellness entrepreneurs and businesses I’ve worked with include

The Life Centre http://www.thelifecentre.com/

Breathe Yoga http://breatheyoga.co.uk/

Hands Holistic http://handsholistic.co.uk/

Yoga Light Vibes http://www.yogalightvibes.com/


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