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Values have value

It may be that we have always lived in turbulent times, or that there are periods when we just feel more sensitive to the bumpiness in the air or the road. I, for one, know there is no sustainable smooth sailing in life, and that … Continue reading Values have value


Retreat to understand

The natural quiet of Hampshire’s rolling fields of corn and hay, magical woodlands, and green pastures where sheep loll, is the breathtaking setting for The Krishnamurti Centre, where I have just spent four days. A reader of Krishnamurti books years ago, I was drawn to … Continue reading Retreat to understand


Kind, strong, and free

Years ago I made a conscious decision to keep world news out of my daily consumption of knowledge and information. It was and is too debilitating and negative a force to be useful or enriching from where I stand. I see how powerfully external viewpoints, … Continue reading Kind, strong, and free