Make space for yourself

I mentor directors, principal architects, entrepreneurs, business owners, educators, and marketing communications professionals whose lives are demanding in the workplace and at home.

Making space so they can explore changes in all aspects of their lives is in itself a huge challenge. It is never just about making time. It is predominantly about making headspace to come up for air. That way it is possible to truly reflect on how to break patterns that are getting in the way of their self-care, and of their potential to lead more fulfilling lives.


We are often reminded to slow down – our health dips, our exhaustion levels peak, our brains scramble. However in my experience (and in those of my clients), slowing down is only part of the remedy to being overwhelmed, overworked, or stuck .

Sometimes we must simply STOP. Make the space to stop, so real change can be explored, and embedded (often destructive) patterns of behaviour, and communication can be thoroughly challenged.


Self-awareness is the first step to accepting and understanding which are the patterns and responses that serve no-one. Least of all oneself. Once this is explored, and acknowledged, we’re ready to introduce tools and techniques to make sure change (in the right direction) is possible back in the work place, at home and socially.

Discipline then kicks in. Rather like yoga (where I make space for myself), it’s often easier to feel the positive change on the mat, or in a class. It’s much harder to practice the positive change back in the ‘real world’ where pressures, demands and stress wait for no-one.

Remembering what is explored during the mentoring sessions I run with individuals, and finding the discipline afterwards to apply said tools and techniques at work, at home, and socially, can be really difficult. It’s only through consistent discipline and motivation for a better experience of life – and a reminder from their mentor (!) – that my clients are able to truly create serene spacious change in their work and personal lives.


The themes we explore during a 6 month programme are varied. Ranging from communication skills (verbal, written, interpersonal), day to day priority management (balancing work and personal life, relationships, time), and big picture planning for the future (ideas, actions, fulfilment).

We always start though with a re-acquaintance of my clients’ ‘true self’… often hidden beneath layers of expectations defined by society, family, work, and even our own idea of who we should be. We look at needs, values, identity, esteem, confidence, awareness and the all vital self-care.


Book your exploratory conversation to see how we might work together for a 6 month programme…. liberating mentoring for serene spacious change in your work and personal life.

Get in touch first on and ask for Amanda.


 twitter / @yensamentors

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We are London-based.

© Amanda Yensa Manor 2017



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