Private mentoring


Human brand intensive workshop

  • 3 – 4 hours, includes light refreshments and work book


A chance to step back. Bring out what makes you special and articulate this clearly; understand how your brand values shape your personal and work life choices


Work and life mentoring intensive workshop

  • 3 – 4 hours, includes light refreshments and work book


An opportunity to focus. Set aims that motivate; assess skills (strengths, flaws, opportunities, gaps); explore dreams; decide on fast moves to make now; write up realistic one year aim and action plan


Work and life mentoring hourly sessions


A top up to stay the course. Follow on regular (or one-off) one to one sessions, to maintain focus of work and life plan and adapt as necessary

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Stress less is more masterclass or workshop

  • One hour masterclass or 2.5 hours workshop


A simple life practice. Get the facts on effects of bad stress; identify your own stresses; how to overcome them (personally and professionally); get a handle on time/priority management (workshop only); practice breathing techniques; look at how healthy eating and positive talk affects stress levels; use good stress to your advantage, while staying zen

Zen every day workshop series

  • Series of three – one hour each

Be at one. Start with a relaxing sonic visualisation; understand simple zen principles; explore zen themes relevant to your work and personal life through role play; share the experience with colleagues; build a dry zen garden in teams; make origami folds: write haiku; take zen techniques back to your workplace, and home



Write for effect masterclass

  • 3 hours


The power of a choice word. Understand what lies behind a word, a sentence, a headline, a tone of voice and how these impact target audiences; establish what makes ‘good’ writing vs ‘poor’ writing; use relevant examples of your industry/sector to compare, evaluate, deconstruct, re-assemble; practice sample writing for your own web sites, brochures, campaigns, social media – get instantaneous constructive feedback

Full details and costs for each programme on request.

Specific programme design is also available, in particular for professionals in wellness – yoga teachers, yoga centres, alternative therapists.

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We are London-based.

East London. North London. Central London. West London. South London.

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